View from our apartment balcony in Ibiza.

Sharing experiences with each other is the best way to make new friends and learn a little about new cultures and places!

Here are some of our favorite travel websites…

  • AMINEARLYTHEREYET.COM – Stuart and Eloise have been traveling non-stop since 2011, writing about their adventures- complete with great photography and tips about how to travel as a vegan, all with a bit of humor.
  • BACKPACKINGTRAVELBLOG.COM – Full of travel advice, great photography and stories from all over the world!
  • NOMADICSAMUEL.COM – Samuel’s been traveling the world for nearly a decade. Check out his great photography and video documenting!
  • SMILINGFACESTRAVELPHOTOS.COM – Some of the most beautiful travel photography you’ll ever see!
  • THEBACKPACKER.COM – Avid travel blogger and YouTuber Audrey has been traveling the globe for the past few years.
  • TRAVELLINGCHEAPLY.COM – A great resource for tips about traveling on a budget and how to make your money go further.
  • TRAVELONYOURLONESOME.COM – Stu and Sarah are self-proclaimed solo travel junkies who have traveled to tons of destinations and share their knowledge, advice and experience with wannabe-solo travelers.
  • VENGAVALEVAMOS.COM – My friend and travel companion Kirstie, an American expat currently living in Australia sharing her experiences traveling all around the world!
  • WANDERINGEARL.COM – Traveling since 1999, Earl shares his experiences traveling to the (currently) 90 countries he’s visited, including really valuable information on ways to make money while living the nomadic life.
  • WORLDWIDETRAVELADVICE.COM – UK native Rob has been on the road since 2014, and here he shares his travel photography and advice about traveling all throughout the world.
  • YOUVSTHEGLOBE.COM – Jeff writes about how to travel the world safely, smartly and have fun at the same time!


…The list is growing slowly but surely!

A Day at Feria de Abril de Sevilla

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A breath of fresh air in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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Food, music, and traditional sports at Basque Fest, Bilbao

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Disney Inspiration: Neuschwanstein Castle

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How To Stay Active While Traveling

Maintaining a daily fitness routine is hard enough at home base. Yes, you can make your own meals, go to the gym, go for a...